I love to cook and experiment with my food.I see food as way to show creativity not only for sustenance. I use food to bring joy and happiness to people around me.When i wanted to cook in the past,i used to google and mostly it was hard to find most ingredients.

The methods of cooking were also complicated,and too boring to prepare.Therefore when I was starting this blog, I sought to solve the problems i encountered such as ;using local available ingredients, making my recipes as simple as possible, and to make the food unique, tasty and appealing.

This led me to become very creative and in the process, came up with delicious recipes that I enjoy sharing. And because I had you in mind, I have included an easy to follow step-by-step visual guide in each recipe post.It is my hope that through this blog, I shall be able to inspire you to make something exciting and a little bit unique and make your eating and cooking experience enjoyable.

Bobo’s meals is a food website,with focus on food,health and lifestyle. This amazing platform was founded back in November of 2020.

What Is The Aim Of Our Blog?

We bring,simple,amazing and delicious meal recipes that have been approved by I myself,my family and my close supporters. Our main focus is to provide you all with different,amazing and simple recipes at one place so that it will be easy to access throughout Kenya and beyond. So let’s find recipes .

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